FAQ About One Thousand Bears Project

One Thousand Bears Project is a private philanthropic effort to distribute limited edition fine art photographic prints of teddy bears to hospitals and hospices around the world. 

One Thousand Bears Project does not seek financial donations. 

Creative team John Charles and Mako Kumano conduct the project as a personal, private activity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are you?


Why are you donating teddy bear photos to hospitals and hospices?

To help bring smiles to people.

Are you two the only people involved in this project?

No - we rely on third parties (like you) for introductions to hospitals who would like to receive a print.

What can I do if I want to participate?

Introduce us to a hospital which would like to receive one of our teddy bear photographs at no cost, for public display to their patients, staff and visitors.  

That's it?

Pretty much.  

I'd also like to help make the world better.

We suggest that you find your passion, and use it to serve others.

So, what does “fine art photographic print” mean, anyway?

Photographs created in accordance with the vision of the photographer as artist.  (As opposed to photojournalism, for example, which provides visuals of news events, or commercial photography, the primary focus of which is to advertise products or services.) 

Do you have a specific artistic vision or statement to make with these photos?

Yes.  We call it "Deep Superficiality."

What does that mean?

We structure our images to invite a multitude of interpretations and reactions on a number of levels, while knowing the surface level will predominate for most observers.

Where can I see more of your work?

Our fine art prints are represented by the gallery Atelier VGI in NYC, which also publishes our books.  (www.AtelierVGI.com, or email them at Info@AtelierVGI.com)  You can see the "diary shots" we take of our bears on Facebook at John.Charles.1000Bears.  We update our charity activities on Facebook:  search for "One Thousand Bears Project."

Other questions?  Please email us at OneThousandBears@hotmail.com.
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