One Thousand Bears Project

Hi there!  Do you like to make people smile?  So do we.

We're John and Mako.  We're artists who create fine art teddy bear photos to communicate emotions and ideas. (Mako, who is Japanese, likes to say, "kuma-nicate" because "kuma" is the Japanese word for "bear.")

God and the American Dream have been good to the two of us, so to give back, we decided to donate limited edition, museum-quality prints of our favorite teddy bear images to hospitals and hospices around the world.  We call this effort our "One Thousand Bears Project."

Our slogan is, "Teddy bear photos may not cure patients, but if they put a smile on their faces, we've done our job."

We do not ask for your financial support.  What we do seek are introductions to hospitals and hospices who would like to receive a print from us at no cost.  (The only "strings attached" are the ones on the back of the frame.)

Please contact us if you would like to introduce a deserving institution.

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